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The North Texas Youth Education Town features:

The BNSF Youth Education Town Square is the welcoming area for parents to check their kids into activities, and also serves as a pre-function area for events in the multi-purpose room and the chapel.

The Multi-purpose Gym is the major activity center designed to host everything from recitals to community dinners to youth basketball and athletic camps to large meetings and special events.

The Albertsons Community Dining Room serves healthy meals to YET participants, hosts classes, celebrations, recognitions and banquets.

The Nursery and Activity Room will delight infants and children up to age six with age-appropriate
learning exercises as their parents take advantage of resources at the YET.

The Dance Studio sports a full-height mirrored wall, hardwood-style floor and a sound system to create a professional dance-studio feel while participants enjoying everything from Aerobics to Zumba.

The Mary and Carl Ice Music Room features choir, brass and percussion instruction.

The Computer Lab allows the children enrolled in the after-school and summer programs to familiarize themselves with today’s technology and build a knowledge base to help them thrive in both school and daily life. Kids can do homework assignments, school projects, photo editing, and use music technology. Adults can job search, write resumes, conduct research and follow up on job leads.

The Art Studio is a vibrant, colorful place for lessons in painting, drawing, photography and videography. The large window wall overlooking the multi-purpose gym doubles as our art gallery for students to display their work.

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