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Family Life Center


The Salvation Army Family Life Center (FLC) is a residential program devoted to helping families avoid homelessness and regain self-sufficiency. The 12,500 square foot facility is located in the heart of Arlington and houses a wide variety of people in need:
  • Single mothers with children
  • Single fathers with children
  • Two-parent families
  • Grandparents with dependent children
The intake process has three elements: shelter application, interview, and determination of homelessness. Once a family is approved, they become a resident at the FLC, giving them a home.

To help families apply, applications are accepted seven days a week from 7am-9am each day, with interviews taking place Monday through Friday. To help FLC residents, and to provide resources to the public, a monitor is able to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In order to help families better prepare themselves for their future, FLC residents are expected to:
  • Attend weekly case management meetings
  • Attend weekly Life Skills Classes
  • Save 70 percent of all income
  • Work and/or attend school full-time


The Family Life Center is located at: 711 Border Place, Arlington, TX 76013
For GPS directions, please use: 712 W. Abram Street, Arlington, TX 76013
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