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Community Impact

A Place That Inspires

The Youth Education Town encourages youth in our community to aspire, learn, live, hope, achieve, and dream to their potential.

For families, having a safe haven for their children to thrive provides hope for success in life. Children, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged, frequently have limited access to resources that enhance their physical, social, psychological and spiritual well-being.

While all children are welcome to participate, the YET is specifically designed to be beneficial, accessible, and affordable for the working poor. Under the operation of The Salvation Army, the YET empowers youth to reach their potential.

A Firm Foundation

Having a safe place to go after school is just the beginning of the opportunities offered by the YET. Giving children a firm foundation on which to build successful lives is the passion behind YET programs and activities and is what motivates each YET staff member and volunteer.

Character building activities encourage social and emotional growth, teach social values like respect
and compassion, and provide important life skills such as conflict resolution, analytical thinking, and teamwork.

Grounding youth in these positive character traits helps them grow into adults who have quality social, communication, and leadership abilities. Today's children, in turn, can equip future generations of youth to live to their potential, too.

A Fit Future

With childhood obesity increasing every year, the YET is taking a stand in educating children about making better nutritional choices and staying active.

Classroom education and individual mentoring teach children about healthy food alternatives. Field trips to educational venues and exhibits featuring the human body, food, and health and wellness are also part of the YET's fitness programs.

Providing everything from nutritional snacks and meals to teaching youth about how food turns into energy, the YET strives to grow active, strong citizens through its healthy lifestyle initiatives.

YET youth are taught that a healthy lifestyle is not complete without including a strong fitness component in one's life.

Children can experience the Dallas Cowboys Play 60 Fitness Zone, offering a combination of youth-size exercise machines and electronic games incorporating full body movement; NFL Play 60 consists of 60 minutes of organized sports and recreation every day in the YET's gym and youth field; youth can also stay active by participating in dance and martial arts classes while adults can get into shape in classes like Zumba and aerobics.

The Road Ahead

When youth arrive every day, the staff supervises homework sessions and provides tutoring. In addition, life lessons curriculum is used to develop important life and career skills, such as conflict resolution, analytical thinking, and leadership skills.

The YET computer lab provides youth with technology needed to complete their homework and gives them an opportunity to learn new computer skills and participate in educational and mental dexterity exercises.

Evidence shows the YET after school program helps improve children's test scores and grades. The YET's educational summer day camp combats summer learning loss over vacation. These successes, in turn, encourage children to stay in school and inspire them to dream of infinite possibilities for their lives.

Through the YET's commitment to uplifting the whole family unit, parents and siblings can take enrichment classes such as Parenting, ESL, Life Skills, GED, Technology, Interview Skills and Resume Writing, among others. The YET also hosts a school district-led pre-kindergarten to equip 3 and 4-year-olds for success in school. Such opportunities give whole families the boost they need to excel on the road ahead.

A Place to Dream

The YET is not only a place to nurture physical health and well-being. It is also a safe place for young people to dream, explore, and creatively express themselves.

Children are encouraged to embrace their creative side in art classes, music lessons, photography, drama, and creative writing. Through these creative explorations, YET youth gain self-confidence, cultural appreciation, and respect for creative expression, and grow socially and emotionally. These experiences cultivate life skills and possible career paths for eager young minds and talents.

A Hometown Legacy

Hundreds of disadvantaged youth have been protected, educated, challenged, and inspired through the Youth Education Town. The educational experiences along with the love and care given every day at the YET is truly transformative and empowering for our community's children.

The YET is a beautiful gift for our community. Help us protect it by investing in its future.

Years from now our community will rejoice in the vision that led you to invest in our children today. This, indeed, is a story about today with a vision for tomorrow.

Join us in offering the very best to our citizens. Join us in inspiring hope in our children.

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